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What I Am Learning as Miss Iowa

With nine weeks of being Miss Iowa under my belt and less than two until I leave for the Miss America competition in Atlantic City, most days have moments with poignant lessons: listening to people is the secret to speaking well, driving during the 2pm afternoon lull is made easier with Poptarts and NPR podcasts, […]

We Create Here: Embracing community at Calvin Sinclair Presbyterian Church in Cedar Rapids

Every third Tuesday of the month, Calvin Sinclair Presbyterian Church in southeast Cedar Rapids opens its doors to the community for a free lunch at 11:45 a.m. The church has been offering the lunch, desserts and friendship at 715 38th St. SE for the past six months. On this Tuesday […] The post Embracing community […]

Crabs in a Barrel

A crab in the Barrel ~ was a common term that I often heard people repeat back in Latin America.  I never thought anything of it.  I thought of jealousy as the most honest expression of admiration for someone’s accomplishments.  With time I learned that crabs in a barrel exist everywhere.    Have you ever felt […]

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