Diversity Focus is a community-driven hub of information and resources for not only the communities we serve, but also our Mission Partners and the Investors that value the importance of Diversity Focus’ Mission and Vision.

With communities, investors, and mission partners as our three key stakeholder groups, Diversity Focus strives to create a sustainable and innovative culture of inclusiveness, awareness and success ultimately leading people living and working in the Creative Corridor to lead healthier, happier and more prosperous lives.

By drawing on the foundation of the relationships built since 2005, Diversity Focus launches a new era of communication and coordination designed to provide a platform that gives voice to, and meets the needs of, the communities Diversity Focus serves.

Making the Creative Corridor a better place to live, work, and play

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Why Kindness Won't Prevent Another Charleston

The shooting at a Charleston church that killed 9 people is terrible. It is saddening. It should cause us all to stop and reflect, to think about what we take from the circumstance and how we move forward. The shooting, this young man’s heart, the tears, all of these are symptoms of a much bigger problem.

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I Feel Like A Black Man…Therefore I Am Black

I know if I came out and legitimately announced that, there would be backlash. I also know if I had surgery to change my outward appearance to support it, the outrage would swell all the more. Why is that?

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Diversity Focus Launches 2015 Eastern Iowa Community Survey


Diversity Focus is striving to improve the living and working environments for all residents in Eastern Iowa. In order to accomplish our mission, we must understand peoples’ attitudes, behaviors, and experiences with diversity and inclusion. That is why we are launching the 2015 Eastern Iowa Community Survey, administered by Vernon Research Group.

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