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Skinny Shaming

Body image is becoming a very big issue in our society today. Promoting self-confidence and making sure women and men are comfortable in their own skin is everywhere in America. Whether it’s Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, Victoria Secret “Body” line, or just plus size models appearing more and more in our magazines and televisions. It […]


Celebrating My Son

As a mom to a special needs son, I am acutely aware of the gift of being able to walk, to run, to jump. All of these activities come easy for me, but I am profoundly aware of the challenges many of our disabled community face on a daily basis. The body I’m in may […]


The Body I’m In: Struggling with Diabetes

In the late 60’s my mother’s modeling career was cut short when diabetes made it difficult for her to keep up with the demands of the fashion world. There have always been few African Americans models doing runway and print work, but mom was a part of it. However, managing diet, stress, proper insulin and […]

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