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Beyond Race, Gender, and Disability

As our community continues to grow we are experiencing quite a bit of change. We certainly have had the opportunity to begin to discover so many other cultures as people from all over the United States and even the world are calling the Corridor home. It has been very interesting getting to know so many […]


Contraception: Conservative Male Fear of Loss Privilege

Should women be alarmed by the recent Supreme Court ruling which declared companies like Hobby Lobby are exempt from providing access to contraceptive coverage for their employees’ health insurance through a provision in Affordable Care Act? To elaborate more on this ruling, corporations with 50% of its stock owned by 5 or fewer individuals are […]

Care for culture, cultivate community

A few months ago, I attended Acton University, a weeklong conference in Michigan about the economy, culture, politics, religion, and human flourishing. I had the opportunity to listen to and meet Makoto Fujimura, an extremely talented artist. In his presentation, Makoto talked about the importance of a community embracing artists, not only for the artists’ […]

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