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The Privilege of being Devon’s Mom

It can be hard sometimes to not crave what many other families seem to have including children who are developing “normally”. I put that in quotes deliberately, because I know every child is different, learn at different rates, have different gifts and abilities. But as a mom to a special needs son, there are times […]


Walking in Privilege: The Curse of White Entitlement

Vichy Syndrome is a “neurosis,” a “pathology” of collectively repressing painful memories or experiences in such a manner that it can be hidden from the collective Self. Historian Henry Rousso coined the phrase. Vichy is a city in France and during 1940-42 it collaborated with the Germans in criminal acts against Jews and other French […]


I’m a white male, and I have privilege

In my very first column, I wrote about how I, a white male, have prejudices, and I argued that everyone does, that it is normal, and that it does not make me ignorant, racist or closed-minded. Instead, it means I am on a journey—one to discovery, learning about others, and growing as a person. One […]

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