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Females in Technology: a low number but a rising trend in the Creative Corridor

On Friday, November 14, Kirkwood Community College hosted High Tech Girls Day, an event that brings girls from eighth to 12th grade to the college to cultivate their interest in information technologies. Students in High Tech Days (there‚Äôs a Guys version, too) rotate through lab sessions with Kirkwood instructors, exploring opportunities in Web Technologies, Computer […]


Blessing our Gifts

Sometimes we possess a gift without even realizing it. Someone points it out to us and we’re puzzled. We don’t believe that we really have it nor do many of us want the attention it brings with it. Take for instance my mother-in-law. She is retired, but working some part-time hours at Hy-Vee to keep […]


Being Thankful

This is the month where we speak out about being thankful. That can look so many ways, but overall, I’m thankful for my family. We often can look like any other family with the same challenges that most have to overcome. But a family touched by a special needs member, has a whole host of […]

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