Board Members

Circe Stumbo

Vice Chairperson | President & Founder, West Wind Education Policy

"All of us in the culture as a whole are called to renew our minds if we are to transform society, so that the way we live, teach, and work can reflect our joy in cultural diversity, our passion for justice, and our love of freedom."

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Sister Susan O'Connor

Secretary | Vice President of Mission Integration, Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” — Maya Angelou

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Chad Simmons

Ex-Officio | CEO & President, Diversity Focus (Ex-Officio Board of Directors)

"Diversity is the fuel that will allow our region to prosper. Differences just like sameness can add a great deal to creativity and innovation. The more we can appreciate the value of having unique perspectives, the more we can appreciate the outcomes of seeing things from different points of view."

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Anne Carter

Director - Energy Efficiency, Alliant Energy

"Diversity helps position the community as a great place to build a life - for those who are here and those would consider coming here. When there is respect for diversity (visible and invisible), people are better able to work together for the benefit of individuals and the greater community - in multiple aspects of co-existing."

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Andre Perry

Executive Director, Englert Theatre

“Diversity makes us more intelligent, more empathetic, more competitive, and ultimately, happier.”

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Brian Burrell

Cereal Processing Technical Coordinator, General Mills

"If a child lives with acceptance and friendship, he learns to find love in the world." - Dorothy Law Nolte

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Dr. David McInally

President, Coe College

"There is abundant research proving that decisions made by groups are more effective than those made by individuals. This research also proves that the more diverse the group, the better the decisions. We have a thriving community with limitless potential, and it will only be made better by bringing more diverse voices and perspectives to the topics that will define our region in the years to come."

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Dr. Kim Becicka, PhD

Vice President of Continuing Education & Training Services, Kirkwood Community College

"Diversity brings value by providing varied ideas and perspectives which ultimately support innovation, creative thinking, community development, and problem solving. Diversity provides multiple lenses to view business and community achievements, challenges, and desired services."

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Joe Crozier

Chief Administrator, Grant Wood Area Education Agency

"Diversity brings different backgrounds, interests, and beliefs to the community which provides for a greater number of perspectives that act on those beliefs and interests. The greater diversity in a community eliminates bias, when we have friends and neighbors of color and backgrounds."

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Kyle Frette

Senior Communications Specialist, Transamerica Business Services

“I support Diversity Focus for one simple but important reason: To welcome, engage and empower residents to make eastern Iowa a more diverse community to live, learn, work and have a lot of fun!”

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Lew Montgomery

Director, Strategic Programs & Community Engagement / Office for the Advancement of Underserved Learners, ACT, Inc.

"Diversity extends far beyond race and culture across our community. Its value is in respecting one's differences as well as identifying and respecting what we have in common. Our community has a rich diverse history and has learned that positioning diversity as something that applies to everyone makes it easy for everyone to care and support it. Respect and appreciation for one another is what brings new ideas and learning for our entire community."

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Ron Corbett

Mayor, City of Cedar Rapids

“Diversity is the one true thing we all have in common. Celebrate it every day.” — Author Unknown

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Stefanie Munsterman-Robinson

Stefanie Munsterman Robinson – Director of Operations and Programs, Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity

"I support Diversity Focus, because Diversity Focus is a leader in the promotion of diversity with inclusion in our community. The understanding of diversity with inclusion has moved from just "the right thing to do" to an organizational strategy used to improve measurable outcomes and is the foundation for the success of a community. Diversity Focus helps provide the vital cornerstone from which to build."

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