Economic Development

Innovation is a key to growth. Diversity Focus partners and supports existing and new businesses to achieve innovative models for financial success. The Corridor is becoming a magnet for different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. In order to sustain this growth, Diversity Focus serves as advisors who identify local needs and help nurture and support businesses willing to meet those needs. We are diversity advocates and encourage large organizations and companies to build stronger relationships with local minority-owned businesses.  Our organization is a small business development ally that supports entrepreneurial growth. Diversity Focus encourages community members to invest their time, talent and treasure to help businesses increase employment opportunities.

About Community Financial Access


Community Financial Access (CFA) is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based microfinance organization focused on advancing community financial progress through facilitating the investment in new or existing micro businesses.  CFA is dedicated to using business as a tool to enable and to unleash progress in our communities and our culture.  CFA seeks to fund sustainable microenterprises that demonstrate the dual promising potential to be profitable for its stakeholders and be a driving force for progress in their communities. Click the logo for more information.