In order to advance the concept of lifelong learning, Diversity Focus is implementing a multifaceted approach to education while promoting the value of diversity in the community. The Creative Corridor offers a number of personal and professional opportunities for people to learn. Diversity Focus partners with local organizations and schools to improve the region’s community-based programming. We have developed collaborative partnerships with other organizations to minimize duplication of efforts and to accelerate the use of proven models. Our organization works with community leaders, educators and parents to ensure every child can achieve his or her full potential. We connect peoples’ passions to communities for mutual growth. Diversity Focus strengthens cultural exchange by improving access to community resources. We empower residents by providing training opportunities and experiences that raise awareness and explore the impact our unique cultures have on our interactions with others.

About Creative Corridor Center for Equity


The Creative Corridor Center for Equity (C3E) works with public systems in Iowa to build inclusive and vibrant communities. Our communities have experienced tumultuous change in the past decade as our population has diversified and we strive to bring 21st century practices to a less effective 20th century education system. C3E develops collaborative approaches to embrace racial diversity and overcome the disparities in experiences and outcomes that our residents of color face. The Creative Corridor Center for Equity was created to develop a systematic, collaborative approach to overcoming challenges in urban school districts. With partnerships that extend north to Minneapolis, MN, we expand the networks, time, talent, and treasure to support our youth at home and throughout Iowa.

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