In order to promote a diverse workforce in the Creative Corridor, Diversity Focus is creating and enhancing local professional networks. We are coordinating newcomer services for new hires that are members of targeted emerging communities. Our organization is also connecting new residents to local networks that can help individuals and families decide to remain in the region. Diversity Focus is working with area business employee resource groups to expand networking opportunities among employees and ensure they successfully adapt to the community. We are promoting a friendly, open and inclusive environment.

About Employee Resource Group Consortium


Established in 2011, the ERGC supports employment related initiatives through collaborative partnerships, professional development and networking opportunities. ERGC members routinely interact as a collective group, while also engaging in one of four committees (Marketing & Communications, Forum & Events, Research, and Advisory). Framing the work of the ERGC are three key areas of focus: diversity attraction & retention, community cultural orientation, and acting as a problem-solving think tank. Click the logo to learn more information.